Other Activities

A- Brokers Training and Certification Program :


The Institute of Banking Studies conducted this program after signing a memorandum of understanding with the Jordan Securities Commission and AMIR Program (previously) funded by USAID. This program aimed at qualifying the participants who passed the required exams to get a license from the Jordan Securities Commission enabling them to practice as brokers in Jordan.


The total number of programs conducted at the Institute reached (35) programs attended by (932) trainees from various banks and financial institutions and brokerage and investment companies in Jordan.


 B- Sustainable Microfinance Training Program 


The Institute held this program with its two parts (Basic and Advanced) locally and regionally in cooperation with AMIR Program (previously)  funded by USAID and was attended by employees from banks, governmental and non-governmental organizations working in microfinancing field in Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Sudan.


Sustainable Microfinance Training Program
(Total Numbers and Participants)



 C- Aptitude Exams 


 The Institute used to hold specialized exams to measure the efficiency of the employees possessing one of the jobs listed below in order to enable banks' managements to track the career path of their employees in the different jobs for which aptitude exams were design and to strengthen the weak points of the employees and highlight the strong ones, in addition to simplifying the planning process of the employees' training needs, and using these exams as one of the indicators for vertical as well as horizontal promotion :-


- Branch Manager.
- Operations Manager.
- Customer Service.
- Commercial Services Officer.
- Credit Officer.
- Archives Officer .
- Teller .


Therefore , (251) employees had participated in such exams till the end of 2012.