Admission Requirements
  1. The applicant should have a Bachelor  Degree  with an average «good» at least from an accredited university by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the University of Jordan in one of the following specializations: Banking     and     Finance, Commerce, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences.
  2. In case of non-completion of the seats reserved as stated in item (1), may accept no more than (20%) of the total seats for holders of :

a- Higher   Diploma    Degree   with a minimum average of (very good).

b- Satisfactory   Bachelor  Degree or equivalent with the condition of studying (3) courses  from the curriculum of the program in the first semester determined by the Institute as in be unified for all students admitted in the program, and the student  must pass the three courses successfully and with a minimum grade of (C+) for each course with accumulative average not less than (3) points . Students who fulfill the previous requirements will be a regular student and those courses will be calculated within the curriculum and the student who fail to fulfill the requirements will be fired from the program.

  1. The applicant should prove that his study in the bachelor's stage was regular.
  2. The  applicant  should  be  an employee of the financial and banking sector or an employee of the public and financial institutions within the Institute,s umbrella .
  3. Preference is given to the applicant with at least two years of experience in the financial and banking fields.
  4. The  applicant  should  be nominated formally by his institution whether the study was on it,s expense or on the student own expense.
  5. The  applicant should attach within  the application form a certificate showing that he sat for the TOEFL (IBT) exam and obtained not less than (32) points or (50%) in the National English Language Test.
  6. The applicant is chosen for admission according to general competitive standards put for this purpose in harmony with admission requirements of the University of Jordan and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regulations and instructions such as the accumulative average in B.A degree and nomination from Banking sector institutions .