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Master in Banking and Finance


It is my great pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Master’s Program page. We wish our students luck and thank them for making the Institute of Banking Studies, their choice for further study and specialization. The Institute of Banking Studies has always encouraged its students from both the Jordanian and the regional banking and financial sector to pursue their knowledge journey and achieve higher qualifications.


I am extremely proud of our Faculty Members who are chosen from the financial and banking sector institutions holding Ph.D. in related specialization in addition to other Faculty Members from the Finance Division - School of Business at the University of Jordan


The program was established in 2003 upon the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Master’s Degree of academic qualification specialized deeply in banking and Finance.


The Master’s degree earned from a well reputed institute such as the Institute of Banking Studies will definitely benefit your career and professional development. Whether you are starting a new career, enhancing your career opportunities or preparing to enter the doctorate level education, master’s degree is an essential part of your personal and professional development.

The master degree program will provide you with the right academic qualification and expertise to stay at par in the competitive job.



Good luck to all of you.


Dr. Riyad Al-Hindawi

Director of Institute of Banking Studies




The program gave me a great exposure across all different aspects of the finance world. Specially at the beginning of my career, knowledge of financial statements, corporate finance and portfolio management have been beneficial in securing my first roles in financial risk management in Cairo Amman Bank.

Earning the MA degree in banking and finance has been one of my most valuable achievements, in my career path and my personal life, working and studying helps me to develop many skills in life as time management and communication skills. And for my career path this degree helped me to increase my knowledge and to achieve other certifications as FRM ( Financial risk management) and helped me to reach where i am today.


I'm thankful for the Institute of Banking studies and for all the professors that support us during the two years of study.


Tariq Dababneh, MA, FRM, ICBRR

Senior Manager, Risk Management AL Rayan Bank Qatar.

Tariq Dababneh

Joining the master's program offered by the institute, affected me, both on my academic and professional paths.  Whereas I was pleased to join one of the best academic programs specialized in finance in the Kingdom, to receive the appropriate knowledge and skill from the best faculty members with academic and practical experiences, which was a significant motivator to complete, a PhD in Financial Economics from the prestigious University of New Orleans in the United States of America.

Dr. Sarah Al-Talafha

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