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Understanding Future Exposure Risk in Foreign Exchange Currency Swaps and Forwards
Understanding Future Exposure Risk in Foreign Exchange Currency Swaps and Forwards
Training Activity Rate
اسامة الكيلاني
Training activity Hours
Training activity Date
Training Activity Days
Start and End Time
17:00 - 20:00
Training Activity Classification
Treasury & Investment
Course Language
In class
Type of Training
short courses
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
96 JOD
Price For Non Jordanian
240 US$

By the end of this training course, trainees will be able to :

-        Gain a thorough understanding of future exposure (PFE) risk and its significance in the context of foreign exchange currency swaps and forwards.

-        Enhanced risk management skills needed to assess, quantify, and manage PFE risk effectively.

-        Make strategic decisions regarding FX swaps and forwards, ensuring they are aligned with risk tolerance and organizational objectives.

-        Identify the regulatory framework and capital requirements related to PFE risk to navigate compliance challenges and enhance their institutions' risk management practices.

-        Stay updated on industry trends and developments, ensuring their knowledge is current and relevant.

-        Approach FX swaps and forwards with increased confidence in their ability to manage and mitigate associated risks effectively.

Target Group

-        Risk management, treasury, middle office and treasury operations employees .


-        Understanding PFE risk and FX market fundamentals:

-        Introduction to PFE risk.

-        Foreign exchange market fundamentals.

-        Calculating future exposure.

-        Factors affecting PFE in FX swaps and forwards.

-        Managing PFE risk in FX Currency swaps and forwards:

-        PFE risk management techniques.

-        Regulatory framework and capital requirements.

-        Future trends and developments.

-        Case studies and practical applications.

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