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Introduction to Financial Markets and Products
Introduction to Financial Markets and Products
Training Activity Rate
عمر حتامله
Training activity Hours
Training activity Date
Training Activity Days
Start and End Time
16:30 - 20:15
Training Activity Classification
Treasury & Investment
Course Language
In class
Type of Training
short courses
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
120 JOD
Price For Non Jordanian
300 US$

By the end of this training course, trainees will be able to :
-    Distinguish between the various markets trading structures (Over-the-counter and exchange-traded, etc.) and settlement processes.
-    Define and describe the Money Market instruments (E.g. T-bills, CDs, CPs, Time deposits etc.) and discuss the current funding rates and the libor transition.
-    Identify the main  Money Market (MM) players and appreciate the critical role played by money markets in liquidity management.
-    Distinguish between the FX markets (spot and forward) and describe the various characteristics of these markets.  
-    Explain the role of FX in financial economies.
-    Explain bonds and the various terms and conditions they usually have.
-    Recognize the characteristics of bonds using concepts of duration, convexity and yield.
-    Price different types of bonds and apply the concept of time value of money.
-    Define the equities and commodities.
-    Define derivatives, describe the features and uses of derivatives (Futures, Swaps, Options, Credit Derivatives).

Target Group

- Professionals working in:

- Treasury .

- Risk .

- Capital Management.

- Regulatory Compliance.

- Audit.


-    Overview of Financial Markets Types:
-    Difference between exchange-traded and OTC markets and their uses.
-    Advantages and disadvantage of exchanges and OTC markets.
-    Settlement processes and Central Clearing.
-    Money Market and Foreign Exchange Markets and Products:
-    Cash instruments and markets.
-    Repo markets .
-    FX instruments and markets.
-    Case study and exercises.
-    Bonds :
-    Bonds types  (by issuer and by coupon payment and other features) .
-    Bonds market and trade execution .
-    Valuation of bonds.
-    Bond sensitivity.
-    Practical exercise on bonds valuation and sensitivities.
-    Equities and Commodities Markets:
-    Types of equities.
-    Equity indices .
-    Types of commodities.
-    Practical exercise on equities valuation and sensitivities .
-    Introduction to Derivatives:
-    Overview of the products and markets.
-    Forward and futures contracts and markets.
-    Swaps contracts and markets.
-    Options contracts and markets .
-    Credit derivatives contracts and markets .
-    Cases study.