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Certified Compliance Manager (CCM) Certification July 2024
شهادة مدير الامتثال المعتمد CCM شهر 7/2024
Training Activity Rate
فرح اسبيتة / علي عورتاني / مهند غيظان
Training activity Hours
Training activity Date
Training Activity Days
Start and End Time
17:00 - 20:00
Training Activity Classification
Course Language
Type of Training
Professional Certificate
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
1200 JOD
Price For Non Jordanian
1695 US$
Target Group

-Workers in the Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering field, in the following sectors:
  - Banking Industry.
  - Insurance and reinsurance Companies.
  - Brokerage Firms.
  - Leasing and Microfinance Companies.
  - Lending Firms.
  - Exchange Houses and Money Service Business.
-Workers in the supervisory authorities e.g.:
  - Central Banks.
  - Financial Sector Regulatory Authorities.
  - Financial Intelligence Units FIUs.
  - Tax Authorities.
  - Related Ministries and governments bodies.
- Workers at (Compliance and AML) solutions vendors.


General Goal


Learning Objectives

- Get Comprehensive Knowledge
  - Customer Onboarding and KYC.
  - Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF).
  - Advanced AML Investigations.
  - International Sanctions and Embargoes.
  - Regulatory Compliance Management.
  - FATCA & CRS.
- Develop your AML and Compliance Systems
  - AML Risk  Rating System.
  - Transactions Monitoring System (TMS).
  - Case Management and Investigations System.
  - Name Screening and Sanctions Compliance System.
  - Regulatory Compliance examination and reporting System.
  - FATCA & CRS Reporting System.
-  Have a Practical Information Based on the "Know-How" Concept
  - How to build the best onboarding process and CDD?
  - The effective and easy way to identify the HR customers and Transactions.
  - Build an Effective Compliance and AML Program.
  - Build a risk Based methodology as per the FATF recommendations.
  - Data collection and protection, GDPR.
  - How to deal with Digital Identity and Standardized KYC.
  - Be smart in your requirements and maintain a Happy Customer.
  - How to prepare your FATCA and CRS reports.
  - Get answers to challenges you face, and how to make a decision.
  - How to prepare Report to the Management and BOD.
  - What Scenarios you should have on your Transaction Monitoring System.
  - Implement sanction on Account opening, SWIFT, and other products or services.
  - Reducing false hits on your Name Screening Systems.
-  Keep Up with modern Developments and Technology
  - Online Customer Onboarding .
  - Digital Identity and Standardized KYC.
  - FinTech (AI & RPA).
  - Build a risk Based methodology as per the FATF recommendations.
  - Update of Data Electronically.
  - Virtual Currencies and Blockchain Technology.
  - Smart and Modern Compliance and AML work-Flow.








CCM Certification is considered the most advanced, comprehensive certificate in the field of compliance and anti-money laundering. Compliance and AML Specialists around the globe need a complete working knowledge of every aspect of the compliance role in order to gain experience and build their career.  Issued by: Global Compliance Institute (GCI) / AUS.


Chapter 1: Customer Onboarding and KYC.

Chapter 2: Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.

Chapter 3: Advanced AML Investigation.

Chapter 4: International Sanctions and Embargoes

Chapter 5: Regulatory Compliance Management.

Chapter 6: Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Common Reporting Standards (CRS).

Exam Preparation

CCM  Online Examination


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